8 January 2018

Dachshund meet up - walkies at Saltram

The Devon Dachshund Crew is a Facebook group for all those Dachshund owners in Devon who enjoy group walks with their standards and minis. With regular meet ups, the first group walk of the year for 2018 was at Saltram National Trust Park in Plympton, Plymouth.

The three mile route is just enough for dachshunds and their little legs and combines woodland and waterfront views along the Saltram estuary.

Meeting new dachshunds and also seeing some familiar faces from a previous walk, Joey and his Dachshund bestie Ralph enjoyed walking with over 30 other Dachshunds and dogs.

The Devon Dachshund Crew is a welcoming group of all ages. The walks enable the dogs to socialise and walk in a friendly pack whilst owners can discuss tips on dog training and behaviours or simply spend some time with fellow Dachshund enthusiasts.

Farewell from Joey and Ralph - until next time!

Sarahjane xxx

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