12 November 2017

Laura’s Rustic Glam Greek Island Wedding

This summer, my childhood best friend Laura got married on the beautiful island of Crete and I was honoured to be one of her bridesmaids. Having been friends since we were babies, going through primary school together, it was a very special occasion.

The wedding saw a group of us fly from Bristol to Crete - starting the celebrations early on the flight.

Reaching Crete we travelled to the village of Gavalochori where some of us stayed at the villa to help with the pre-wedding preparations including making favours and decorations before the big day, taking some time to relax, enjoy the sun and exploring the local area.

When the wedding day arrived the sun couldn’t have been brighter. The theme of the day was a beautiful combination of traditional rustic charm, reflective of Crete’s natural landscape, combined with elements of glamour featuring hanging bulb lighting, roses, olive branches and chandeliers in the trees, all with the backdrop of a stunning pool villa high up in the Cretan hills.

The ceremony was beautiful and the evening reception and celebrations followed with a chilled Ibiza sound track that played on long until the early hours.

With so much love for the bride and groom, it was a joy to share in their special day and to enjoy such a wonderful time on the island of Crete before and after.

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  1. This rustic Greek Island wedding is outstanding. It was so glamorous and was super adorable ceremony that I have ever seen. I usually don’t like themed weddings but this one is definitely a unique one that has taken my heart away. I too would be marrying soon and might have a ceremony at one of the beachside LA venues.


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