10 December 2015

Gingerbread House Workshop with Nibble and Scoff

There's something special about gingerbread and the smell of spice and cinnamon at Christmastime. On the last Sunday in November a friend and I attended a workshop with specialist cake company Nibble and Scoff - owned and run by the super talented cake maker and icing extraordinaire, Joella Housego.

In a little village on the edge of Dartmoor, Georgina and I drove to Joella's home baking school and were greeted with tea and biscuits, a warm smile and bundles of festive cheer.

The class was set up for six and we each were given a gingerbread kit featuring pre-cooked gingerbread house biscuits, icing sugar in piping bags and lots of sugar craft tools, which enabled us to create a gingerbread house.

First of all we got to grips with rolling Royal Icing and iced our cake boards allowing us to have a perfectly smooth, iced surface on which to build our houses.

Working in pairs we constructed our house components and cemented them using icing as a glue whilst attempting to keep them standing waiting for the icing to dry and even fixing on a chimney.

We then worked on icing the houses in a traditionsl style with Joella showing different piping techniques. 

We then let our houses dry whilst we enjoyed tea, biscuits and minced pies before re-entering the baking school kitchen to be surrounded by sweets and more icing tools. The room was like Willy Wonkas kitchen with candy canes, marshmallows and jelly beans for personalising and decorating our houses.

I used pink and yellow sweets and kept to a minimalist, traditional style and decided my gingerbread house would be a gift as a Christmas centrepiece for a family friend.

The Nibble and Scoff workshop was priced at £35 per person and Joella provided stencils for creating replica house components at home. A fun and friendly workshop, welcoming and an excellent way to learn new baking and decorating skills.

Thank you Joella!

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