20 February 2014

Veils and Tiaras - A Visit to Olivier Laudus

In December I made a Christmas trip to London and visited the beautiful bridal accessories boutique that is Olivier Laudus. I first came across Olivier Laudus after searching the internet for an accessories only boutique in London as I knew I had a Christmas catch up 'London weekend' planned to see some of my best friends and bridesmaids and it would be the perfect opportunity to do some bridal window shopping. I made an appointment to visit Olivier several weeks before and on the Saturday my friend Lucy and I visited his Wigmore Street basement studio - just off London's Bond Street.

On arrival we were amazed with the glass cabinets full of beautiful sparkling accessories. To my surprise, after being pre-occupied looking for tiaras in these beautiful cabinets, I'd forgotten all about veils but Olivier suddenly pointed to a rail of soft, paper light veils which had been covered so we'd not noticed them and I couldn't believe my luck at the selection! If I'm honest, my experience of veils and tiaras hasn't been great in some shops - simply because when at a dress appointment people are often so preoccupied with The Dress that the importance of the accessories often seems to be disregarded as less important. The pieces offered often seem to be chosen for effect - as opposed to time being spent looking for the right veil or tiara and, although the dress is ultimately the aspect which influences the accessories chosen, it really does make a difference wearing the right accessories whilst trying on your dress - it changes the look completely. I had yet to 'feel like a bride' with any accessories until I tried the Verona Veil and Angelique Tiara.

The Verona veil, though shorter than I originally wanted at 72" in length, had the most beautiful lace applique and a soft cornelli stitched edge. Not to give anything away but it compliments my chosen dress perfectly without taking any attention away from the gown yet still being a beautiful, individual element to the bridal look in itself. The Angelique tiara I adore because it features both pearl and crystal detailing and has a vintage feel to the antique silver finish. During the appointment Olivier was fantastic and gave his advice thoughout yet he did say all the tiaras I had chosen looked beautiful - which Lucy and I had to agree as everything in the boutique is beautiful.

Since visiting the boutique in December, Olivier Laudus have extended their selection of accessories even further and have launched the new Great Glamour collection. I still adore the Angelique Tiara but I am wanting to try on the beautiful new Melody Tiara (£135) which features flower shaped crystals and lustrous pearl detailing and is more if a band shape as opposed to a pointed crown. The boutique have also recently begun stocking shoes.

If you are looking for a miniature wedding wonderland where you can try accessories in your appointment until your hearts content then Olivier Laudus is the perfect place to visit and to really, truly feel like a princess bride. I felt more like a bride in my black polo neck dress and winter boots than I have trying accessories in bridal shops wearing an actual wedding dress so that certainly says something about not only the selection of bridal pieces available but also the service and the magical feeling and why its worth visiting Oliver Laudus!

Warmest Wedding Wishes xx


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